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11/05/13 NDE Class Notes

This update includes news about our last dream group, the new MSV-NHNE Community Center, a new MSV-NHNE website and fundraiser, Robert Perry’s talk on “The Parallels Between ‘A Course in Miracles’ & Near-Death Experiences”, a powerful and instructive dream that Alexandra Fraser had, a related quote from the Pathwork Lectures of Eva Pierrakos, a new book by NDEr Ben Breedlove’s sister (and background videos), a new book by NDEr Crystal McVea (and background video, article links, and website links), a controversial article about a gay NDEr who returned feeling that gay and lesbian lifestyles are “ugly and dirty” and also “ultimately sad and tragic… for almost everyone involved”, a deeper, more informed perspective on gay and lesbian NDEs, an inspiring video about Mama Hill, another inspiring video that proves how strangers are friends that haven’t met, some helpful notes on the importance of gratitude and how gratitude (or the lack thereof) shows up in the lives of NDErs, two class exercises on gratitude, an update on NDEr Anita Moorjani’s health issues, including the very important lessons her ongoing discoveries have for the rest of us, and, finally, the inspiring near-death experience of Reinee Pasarow…

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Photos: Robert Perry: Parallels Between A Course In Miracles & Near-Death Experiences

Photos from Robert Perry’s October 24, 2013 talk: “Parallels Between A Course In Miracles & Near-Death Experiences”

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