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“The Formula” Dream Group

One of the fundamental truths presented in “The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” is that we must all develop the ability to receive guidance directly from God/Spirit/our Higher Selves. Another critical component of The Formula is understanding that whatever inner guidance we receive is inescapably distorted by our conditioning, woundings, level of development, biology, and many other forces. Along with a sincere desire to know the truth and a constant turning towards the Divine for help, one of the most effective ways we have to discern the path that is best for us is to join with other seekers, who often see what we do not. Which leads to another fundamental truth presented by The Formula: life has been designed to promote and, indeed, insist on relationship. In order to be truly healthy, happy, and whole, we must join with others. Only then do hidden dimensions of our psyche reveal themselves; only then do whole pictures emerge; only then does the guidance we receive from on High become truly whole, balanced, and effective.

Our dream group is designed to help all of us learn how to form direct, personal relationships with the Divine through using dreams, and to learn how to do dream work with each other in a way that is truly transformative. Our dream group also incorporates other ways of receiving guidance and emphasizes the idea that God/Spirit is communicating with us all the time in many different ways. We also use group prayer and The VisionQuest Game to tap the healing power of relationships.

Our dream group meets the last Tuesday of every month.


Dream Tips & Resources


Sunfellow 2-Page Dream Basics Handout (pdf)
Helpful Tips from David Sunfellow’s 1993 Prayer, Meditation, and Dream Journal (pdf)

This pdf includes 12 Tips for Recalling Dreams, The Four Dream Suggestions, A Few Techniques for Interpreting Dreams, Dream Incubations and VisionQuests, and Common Dream Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

• Simple Dreaming by Amy E. Brucker (pdf)
Enhance Your Dream Life by Ryan Hurd (pdf)
• Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Toolkit (pdf)
• The Five Star Method of Dream Analysis: One-Page Summary (pdf)
• The Five Star Method: A Relational Dream Work Methodology (pdf)

• The Dream Tribe Library (outstanding collection of dream tutorials and resources)
Dream School for Newbies by Amy E. Brucker
Dream Techniques by Amy E.Brucker

Edgar Cayce On Dreams: Your Pathway To Personal Guidance And Intuition (pdf)
By Kevin J. Todeschi, M.A.
The Academy For Spiritual And Consciousness Studies, Inc.
Annual Conference 2013 Proceedings

The Porosity of Dreams (pdf)
By Robert L. Van de Castle
May 2013

The History of Dreams & Dreaming

12 Famous Dreams of Creativity and Inventions (pdf)
• Excerpts from “Healing Dreams” by Marc Ian Barasch

Additional Information on Dreams & Dreaming

• Managing Cancer Pain with Healing Dreams
• Wanda Burch: Fighting Cancer Using Your Dreams

• Jeremy Taylor On Dreams As A Tool For Social Change
• Dreams, Dream Groups & Related Resources
• How To Start A Dream Sharing Circle In Your Town

• NHNE Pulse on Dreams and Dreaming
• NHNE Dream Bookstore


 A Few Dream Quotes

“If you take the idea of evolution of the species at all seriously — if you think there is anything at all to the idea that species alter both behavior and physical structure to enhance their ability to survive in particular ecological/environmental circumstances — then there must also be something about dreaming itself that is of primary and fundamental importance from a collective evolutionary survival point of view, because in spite of the multiple, serious, and dangerous drawbacks associated with dreaming, there is not a single relatively evolved species that has found it of increased survival value to abandon this seemingly… dangerous behavior.”

— Jeremy Taylor, “Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill”

“In our era, the past is vanishing like smoke. The ancestors and gods and spirits who speak through dreams were once welcomed into the circle of community; were among its essential members. But who now will listen to them? The cultures that honored them are dying, their very languages becoming extinct. The thread of received wisdom that has sustained us is stretched thin to breaking. Shorn of memory, we no longer recognize as part of life’s fabric those who have come before us. The voices of the myriad beings, visible and invisible, who surround us grow faint, though they are still talking in our sleep.

“…Our dreams are a continuum, revealing, if we care to look, that we do not exist alone, but in a skein of relationship with all that has been, all that is, and all that shall be.”

— Marc Ian Barasch, “Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams that Can Transform Your Life”

“For these, if paid attention to, brought back in the memory, written and kept and studied, interpreted as actual experiences which are symbolic and yet real in their nature, become guidelines to such an extent that one should be able to understand and rectify all those things in the life which are of an imperfect nature.”

— Seasons of Change, Ways of Response

“Jung told one dreamer: ‘Look here, the best way to deal with a dream is to think of yourself as a sort of ignorant child, ignorant youth, and to come to the two-million-year-old man or to the old mother of days and ask, ‘Now, what do you think of me?””

— Marc Ian Barasch, “Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams that Can Transform Your Life”

“Another aspect of appreciating a dream involves sharing it with others. When we work on a dream alone, we tend to repress those aspects we don’t want to see. To encounter a dream in the company of others helps us see what we would otherwise gloss over.”

— Marc Ian Barasch, “Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams that Can Transform Your Life”

“The world as dreamed and the world as lived cross-pollinate each other.”

— Marc Ian Barasch, “Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams that Can Transform Your Life”



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