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“Hi! I just want to wish you guys well and congratulations on opening the new center. It is a great space that you guys have obviously put a lot of work into and it shows! I look forward to attending future classes and events at the new center. Your space is perfectly located at the center of Sedona, and with Alexandra and David running it, it has much exciting potential. Kudus to you guys!!”

Bevin McCabe


“There is nothing more important than to help the world understand our fundamentally spiritual nature. When we understand this our differences and mundane issues fall away. The study of NDEs is the single best way for us to realize our true nature as spiritual beings.

“I have been a fan of NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) for at least a decade. We owe so much to visionaries like David Sunfellow who have heard the calling and responded in such a wonderful way for so long.

“Congratulations to David and his many helpers on the launch of the new Mustard Seed Venture – NHNE website. We are blessed.”

Daniel Endy


“Congrats. Love this new website!!! Blessings to all of you!!.”

Becki Hawkins
Author of “Transitions: A Nurse’s Education About Life And Death”

David Sunfellow adds:

Becki was the first speaker we co-sponsored in Sedona. In October of 2012, Becki attended our NDE class and shared with us what she learned about death and dying over 30 her years as an oncology and hospice nurse. To date, her wonderful talk has been viewed over 80,00 times on YouTube!”


“To all at the new Center. We are praying for you all and this exciting new adventure, I have no doubt that this venture is God lead and a big part of the massive change that is taking part on earth at this time. We are intending to set up a Bereavement Rescue Center Radio programme in the near future and would love to have you as a guest on one of our programmes.”

God Bless you all
Rod and Caroline
Bereavement Rescue Center UK

David Sunfellow responds:

“Thanks Rod. And I would be honored to visit with you on your new radio program. I think the work you are doing is very important, and wonderfully innovative. I shy away from predictions, but in your case, I’ll make one: I think it’s only a matter of time before the whole world follows in your footsteps and starts using what we are learning from near-death experiences to make all aspects of the dying process a more loving, graceful, beautiful experience for all concerned.”



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